Dealroom Services Pte. Co., Ltd. is a Singapore-based consulting firm that supports individuals and companies wishing to do business in Singapore and Vietnam. We specialize in managing non-core functions of companies and helping them achieve their current and future business goals. 

The  Consultant consists of two teams, an accountant and an advisor, who provide professional advice on doing business in Singapore and Vietnam. In addition, an extensive contact network is available to support businesses in  Singapore and Vietnam. 


Jack - Business Advisor

Jack is a serial entrepreneur running and investing in businesses since 2006 across different sectors like Food & Beverage, Healthcare device, Retail, Real Estate Management, Education, Portfolio & Real Estate Investment and others.

Jack had traveled around the World once for 3 years across nearly 60 countries in different continents and more than 100 cities.

Shannen - Business Development Director

Shannen, a graduate in Bachelor of Business (Marketing), is experienced in marketing and business development for more than 10 years. She joined DealRMS since January 2021 and is responsible for improving a company’s market position and maximizing it financial growth.


With an aim to foster and bridge business opportunities within the region, we are committed to delivering independent, objective and professional services to meet clients’ business goals, and to respond to business challenges with seamless services across industries and countries.


We see a future where you can fully focus on the growth of your business. As your trusted business partner, we give you the perfect platform to seize every opportunity, wherever you are and assist you with all our resources for your growth.


We strive to build an eco-system that compliment our services to provide the best solution for our client.

Wisecorp Pte. Ltd. (Registration No. 201820436K) is an accounting and corporate secretarial firm established in 2018 that provides company formation, corporate secretarial, accounting and taxation, payroll management, as well as other corporate administrative services for startups and small to medium enterprises. Wisecorp help individuals and business entities create value they are looking for, by delivering quality solutions in assurance, financial consultancy, accounting and tax advisory.